The woman behind the magic is Candace Bibb
(my middle name really is Nicole, I promise I didn't make that part up).



Note from Candace:

I'm what you'd call a "Renaissance Soul" - one who cultivates a diverse and ever-evolving set of interests, and thrives on being good at a little of everything.

At my core, I'm a millennial momtrepreneur from Washington, D.C. who's passionate about my family, good music, herbalism, amateur photography, cooking fresh and local, uplifting my community, natural hair -- and the list continues. 

Personally committed to ujamaa (cooperative economics) and nia (purpose).  My goal is to cultivate small businesses, utilizing my toolkit of branding expertise and online marketing skills.  

I'm drawn to the "teach a man to fish so he can eat for a lifetime" philosophy; I want us all to make it.