Services Overview

Cost for services is contingent upon discussion.  We need to make sure we're on the same page, so that I can deliver YOUR vision!

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Website Building and Design |  $350 flat fee; includes (1) choosing a template based on your needs and vision, (2) help conceptualizing a logo if needed, (3) implementing website using chosen template and customizing to your desired vision.  Desired goal required from client (detailed in writing) as well as any desired elements to site, i.e. online store component, photo gallery, blog, contact page, calendar, etc.  Also included: I'll make any desired tweaks within the first 30 days.

Website Tweaking | $50/hour (length of time quoted up front based on the number and complexity of changes required); Sometimes you can envision your site looking a certain way, but not realize it's missing a little something until you see it actualized.  It's totally normal to want to make adjustments after the initial implementation.  This is an option for you.  (Note: If the initial website was completed by C. Nicole Consulting, any changes are done free of charge within the first 30 days.)

Website Conceptualization | $100 flat fee; Basically "Web Building and Design" without the "building" part. Includes choosing a template from a hosting site that would best suit your needs or conceptualizing and designing a customized layout (from scratch) that can then be executed by a web developer.

Social Media Management | Fee to be discussed (we'll choose the best fit together: one-time/hourly/weekly/etc.); Can include establishment of a web presence via the various social media applications, social media maintenance/updating, blog posting, etc.  We will discuss the best platform(s) for your particular industry and goals, the best marketing plan, and discuss a fee amount with all things considered.


editing & Publishing 

Proofreading/Editing |  $150 for up to 50; $250 for 51-100 pages; $350 for 101-200 pages; $500+ for 200+ pages

Publishing | $200 for up to 50 pages; $350 for 51-100 pages; $500 for 101-200 pages; $800+ for 200+ pages

All pricing is contingent upon discussion of details desired, i.e. pictures added, embellishment of words (emboldening, italicizing, adjusting font/font size for emphasis), design of pages themselves, etc.

**"Publishing" entails arranging text and pictures, resulting in the design of a finished project -- making a book look like a book, for example.


image & home styling

Image Consultation |  $50/hour; virtual evaluation of your current style with suggestions and image plan to be sent to you as a follow-up to the consultation.

Personal Shopping & Image Plan | $100/hour; consultation included. Online curating of apparel and accessories based on detailed discussion of the clients' vision for themselves as well as agreed-upon plan for the direction of clients' wardrobe.  Length of time needed depends on the extent to which the client is trying to re-do their wardrobe; if the goal is simply to add a few pieces for a specific event or occasion, only 1-2 hours is needed.  If the goal is to reinvent the wardrobe entirely, it may be up to 5 hours.  Our goal as stylist/personal shopper is to find the best fitting, most affordable clothing for you and to give you the vision you desire and deserve.

All pricing is contingent upon discussion of details desired.

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